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Award for Spirit Integrator/Best HP Integrator Award in Canada -Quality Center, Loadrunner, Quicktest, BPT, BAC, BPM, SitescopeAward for Spirit Integrator/Best HP Integrator Award in Canada -Quality Center, Loadrunner, Quicktest, BPT, BAC, BPM, SitescopeAward for Spirit Integrator/Best HP Integrator Award in Canada -Quality Center, Loadrunner, Quicktest, BPT, BAC, BPM, Sitescope

Pegasie, founded in 2002, is a consulting firm that offers specialized IT services and solutions. In the last 24 months alone, we have delivered over 85 successful quality and load-testing projects. These mandates were performed across a wide range of industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Our team has experience in a broad range of applications, platforms and networks. Our ability to continuously manage and execute projects within the proposed budget and timelines has given us tremendous credibility with our customers.

Over 90% of our revenue has been derived directly through test management, and functional and load-testing projects. Our dedication to developing these specialized services has enabled us to develop a repeatable methodology, which in turn has helped us consistently deliver successful projects.

Most recently received the HP Award:
" Spirit Integrator/Best Integrator in Canada "

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Pegasie - Automatisation Solutions
Automation Testing Solutions for Applications
Improve your time to market dramatically (up to 25 times). 95% of projects deliver return on investment within the first 12 months.
Retain & capture business knowledge.
Evaluate risk assessment in real time prior to deployment.
Increase quality and tests coverage.
Test Automation Accelerator for SAP
Pegasie Test Automation Accelerator includes highly optimized automated test resources and tools that drastically accelerate test automation implementations.
Pegasie also offers additional pre-built automated test resources optimized for SAP.
Components are easier to use by business analysts since they are user-friendly.
It supports Pegasie's efficient test automation strategy.
Build strong automated test cases in a matter of minutes.
Intelligent Data Entry Automation
Permanently reduce data entry costs.
Enable core processes to operate at higher productivity levels.
Solution enables data transfer between systems in real time.
Lower exposure of confidential customer data.
Cheaper than Back-End Integration.
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