Software Performance Testing Services

Drive new business opportunities, minimize risk and improve asset utilization through Performance Management!

    Ensuring your IT services meet your business performance and scalability requirements can be a challenging task. Pegasie helps companies address this issue by:

  • Delivering a repeatable process to plan and execute load testing projects;
  • Delivering an accurate picture of end-to-end performance;
  • Identifying bottlenecks and tuning performance;
  • Increasing asset utilization.

With increasing system complexity and changing operational platforms, the need for global service operations and meeting business demands requires optimal performance. To meet these challenges, Pegasie Technologies offers a complete range of services; our solutions combine improved full product lifecycle management including software testing services, quality assurance and test asset management. These services help organizations increase control, predictability, transparency and efficiency to meet their business objectives.

Benefits include risk reduction, improved software quality, application interoperability, maximization of test assets and faster time to market to expand into new business opportunities.

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Typical Load Testing

Load testing provides insurance that your key software programs are robust and stable. Through the practice of modelling expected usage, we can help your technical architecture team validate your application performance prior to going live. Furthermore, this testing ensures that the infrastructure can successfully meet future scalability needs and support business functions.


Struggling to breakdown application problems with real efficiency? Pegasie’s transaction emulation enables you to proactively test applications under a variety of network conditions and scenarios. Proactively identify application performance, find and fix problems systematically at all layers of your production environment.

Capacity Planning

Is your network team proactive and strategic or are they doing their best, fighting fires with more and more network bandwidth? It’s hard to stay ahead of the business with network capacity without the right capacity modelling and simulation capabilities. Pegasie brings industry-leading tools and expertise that help you model different infrastructure choices, spot bottlenecks in pre-production, and effectively deploy additional capacity before application releases.

End-User Management

Beat your customers to the problem with Pegasie transaction emulation. Our End-User Management Solution gives IT Operations the ability to accurately measure and drive transactions through applications to expose performance problems before they impact your end users.


Pegasie provides Canada’s most efficient, effective performance testing solutions by:

  • Focusing performance testing on the transactions that matter most;
  • Implementing the most efficient testing process based on the latest best testing practices;
  • Using industry-leading tools that accelerate test performance and improve quality;
  • Setting up an efficient test environment or leveraging Pegasie’s outsourced environment supported by industry leading technologies;
  • Applying specialized performance testing expertise with the latest education and training;
  • Maximizing usability and actionability of test results through clear, concise communication.

Clients partnering with Pegasie in performance testing achieve the following:

  • Shorter, lower cost testing cycles;
  • Lower overall cost of application development;
  • More focused, informed capacity planning;
  • Rational, efficient capital investment based on proven performance diagnostics;
  • Higher release success with fewer production roll-backs;
  • Improved performance control and responsiveness for customers and workers.
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