Apr 2017

Change Impact Analysis with HP ALM

Do you know exactly which test cases are impacted by the changes in this release? Are you aware of the ramifications to other systems interfacing with your application? Are you relying on the availability of experienced testers to know what to test for each release?


Feb 2016

Most Effective & Versatile Test Automation Framework with ALM

Application Life Cycle Management made simple across different automation technologies (UFT, Selenium, etc.) Improve customer satisfaction and innovation by: Increasing % of projects that meet or exceed expectations Reducing IT costs per business service Participating in revenue growth Having every business process work end-to-end, every day, across all applications Here are some of the highlights of Pegasie’s complementary Test Automation Framework with HP ALM Value...

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Jan 2016

Is test automation IT outsourcing part of your long-term strategy? The hourly cost is a bad indicator for savings

Benefits of IT nearshoring in Canada versus off-shoring. The short-term costs contain a number of hidden expenditures. Consider the amount of rework, script maintenance, communication, expertise, proximity, and management costs that are often not included in your original budgets and result in overages and project failures. Don’t be misled by the low cost of the work; it is more likely to be unfit to deliver...

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Jan 2016

Are you optimizing your HP ALM solution? Why not, when you already paid for it?

Demystify the HP ALM migration procedure Is your HP Quality Center out of date? Do you know the latest version of HP ALM offers the Web-based client built with HTML5 and Java script for requirements and defects? All you need is any Web browser to access and operate your HP ALM. Update your current instance of HP Quality Center to the most recent version of...

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Nov 2015

Test Automation Framework Benchmark

Test Automation Framework Benchmark The amount of scripting is highly reduced by using many common functions, using test datasheets and taking advantage of the HP ALM test configuration functionality. The execution performance is another of the strengths found in this framework. In many comparisons run under the same conditions against popular test automation products like business components known as BPT, it has been proven that...

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Nov 2015

Test Generator UI

Test Generator UI by Pegasie Technologies Using all the experience gained over more than fifteen years in the market, Pegasie Technologies has developed a new and versatile keyword- and data-driven Test Automation Framework that can be used by testers, business analysts and developers to contribute to the test automation process of your company. This framework comes with a simple and intuitive graphical interface tool—Test Generator...

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Nov 2015

Canadian IT OnShore Services

Why OnShore Services? Software development projects are usually complex and very expensive. Most of their costs are related to large amounts of rework and maintenance caused by many factors like the failure to detect errors early and meet user requirements adequately. Many customers have expressed several obstacles to working with outsourcing resources overseas and obtaining real benefits in return. Some recurring problems are the differences in...

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