Test Management and Planning

Pegasie’s Test Management Planning ensures the handling of
test processes, assets, plans, activities, and results against solid quality goals and requirements to for efficient test execution, as well as, informed decision making in terms of release quality.

Why choose Pegasie?

Pegasie’s Test Management and Planning Professionals assist in unifying the test assets into one easy-to-use planning, tracking, reporting and execution hub.

Pegasie’s professionals can help with:

  • Control, collaboration and traceability across all areas of your testing, regardless of the Methodology in place.
  • Integration of requirements, manual and automated tests, and defect tools, giving a centralized full traceability view of the quality of the testing.

Pegasie’s professionals focus
on providing:

Automated Testing

Deliver software faster, with higher quality at lower costs

Change Management

Confidently address the unique needs of the organization by aligning the testing team to the development team.

Performance Testing

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high performing apps

Requirements Management

Bring precision to your software delivery process

Software Testing

Enables prioritizing testing by business need and reduce defect resolution times

Test Management

Create high quality software that meets the customer needs

Measurable Quality Goals

  • Pegasie defines solid quality goals relevant to your organization and project.

      Quality goals enable creation of measurable ‘exit criteria’ that define ‘acceptable’. This gives you the ability to objectively measure quality and track progress, which supports informed decision-making when managing projects, releases, and risk.

  • How does Pegasie help?

    • Test Managers: Manage more efficiently testing activities across all teams. Gain insight across the test team activities with a centralized view and real-time reporting to ensure that the project remains on target to achieve quality.

    • Project Managers: Track the project’s progress with real-time metrics and analytics, and ensure that application delivery meets business requirements and customer commitments. Detect problems early on through effective collaboration and control.

    • Executives: Make informed release decisions based on measurable quality goals. Release criteria to ensure that software fulfills commitments, maintains quality, and can be released within acceptable risk boundaries.

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