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SAP TAO & SAP Solution Manager

SAP software enhancement and support packages lead to more explicit regression testing

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SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO)

To offer more functionalities more quickly, SAP increased the number of enhancement and support packages, meaning more regression testing.

Companies struggle to excel at testing due to severe cost and time constraints, demanding workloads, immature testing capabilities and their inability to attract and develop testing expertise.

Testing accounts for over 50 percent of effort on software delivery.

SAP Test Automation Accelerator

There are hundreds of ways to implement test automation, but very few lead to profitability in the long term. Every organization that implements test automation needs to define a test automation strategy and the framework that will support it.

Over the years, Pegasie has developed a very efficient and profitable SAP test automation strategy. We’ve developed utilities to support this strategy with what we call the Test Automation Accelerator. This is the mechanism that supports the possibility to reduce test automation maintenance by 30% to 50%. Pegasie’s proven track record with SAP software can guarantee you these results

The Test Automation Accelerator represents a substantial amount of time dedicated to development that the organization will not need to invest in, and it comes with our services.

Pegasie has accumulated over the years additional pre-built test automation resources optimized for SAP software. These test automation resources represent several months of work and are added to the Test Automation Accelerator, which gives a serious head start to any SAP test automation implementation. These pre-built resources follow our efficient test automation strategy, which enables a tester to build a strong automated test in a matter of minutes.

Solution: Pegasie SAP Testing Tools

Traditional SAP Automation Testing


1) In traditional development models, testing tends to occur after development and under tight release deadlines.

2) Tests are often performed redundantly with shortcuts and without well-developed strategies or best practices.

3) Test specialists lack adequate testing expertise and good testing tools.

SAP automation testing tools and services


  • Excessive resources and costs during testing stage. Slower and unscalable time to test.
  • Lower quality test data and results.
  • Significant risk of application failure or recall.
  • High cost of post-release fixes.

Pegasie SAP Automation Testing Solution


1) Pegasie applies proven quality principles and best practices across software development life cycles.

2) It provides advanced testing expertise with leading test automation technologies and integration with SAP testing tools.

3) It uses a client mentoring type of approach.

4) It offers integration with SAP Solution Manager.

5) Pegasie’s pre-built reusable tools and libraries developed specifically for SAP environments take automated testing to the next level.

SAP automation testing tools


Lower risk, lower cost, higher quality application delivery & management

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Benefits of Pegasie SAP Test Automation

Reduced Risk

  • Increases testing and test reporting consistency.
  • Greater visibility on the application level of quality.
  • Easier release Go / No-Go decisions.

Improved Quality

  • Significantly increases test coverage.
  • Reduces undetected defects.
  • Leads to a more rigorous testing process.

Improved Time-to-Market

  • Faster test cycles due to best practices in test strategy, planning and communication.
  • Reduces test execution effort by 20-25 times.
  • Lower overall development time due to reduced recalls and post-release fixes.

Reduced Cost

  • Requires fewer resources to fix defects because they are found much sooner.
  • Reduces test redundancy because of a more rigorous testing process.
  • Requires fewer resources to effectively test the application.
  • Drastically reduces test execution costs.
  • Reduces global testing costs.
  • Reduces emergency development and testing due to higher quality releases.
  • Pegasie’s distinctive approach minimizes the short-term cost and longer-term cost of developing mature testing capabilities.

Improved Productivity

  • Increases test case standardization.
  • Improves test case preparation & maintenance speed with test components reusability.
  • Accelerates the capture and maintenance of test case documentation.
  • Proprietary Pegasie Access Model maximizes access for super-users while protecting integrity of core quality and systems data.

Increased Scalability – Test Quality Platform

  • Maximizes scalability of testing expertise for increasing workload.

Pegasie Technical Advantages

  • Throughout the years, Pegasie has developed toolkits for ALM Management and Test Automation.

Test Management & SAP Automation Testing Toolkit

  • Limited User Administration Tool – Provides limited access to manage users within ALM projects, reducing the risk of error for less experienced ALM administrators.
  • Business Process Testing Tool – Provides the capability to create manual business process components and manage their parameters.
  • A collection of libraries, recovery scenarios and best practices developed to increase the functionality of automated testing solutions, increase robustness and maturity of the scripts, implement best practices, and reduce maintenance.

Best Practices with Best of Breed Systems:

SAP Solution Manager Integration with HP ALM
  • The integration of SAP Solution Manager and HP ALM provides a complete test management solution. This solution covers blueprints, requirements, test asset management, defect management, requirement coverage, test creation, execution and reporting for manual and automated testing.
  • This combination of tools for test asset management includes requirement management traceability, defect management, manual and automated testing tools, as well as load testing solutions for SAP.

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