Pegasie PStudio – User Training

Eastern Canada

  • Quebec
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto

Western Canada

  • Calgary

United States

  • New York
  • New Jersey

Other Locations

  • Training sessions can also be provided at your company site, all across Canada.
  • The Subject Matter Experts and Test Automation Specialists, who will administer, create, maintain and execute the test suites managed within Pegasie PStudio.
  • Working knowledge of Windows
  • Basic understanding of the testing process
  • 5 days
  • Understand the Test Management process within Pegasie PStudio
  • Create and manage Project and Tasks
  • Create and manage Test Requirements
  • Create and manage Tests and Test Cases
  • Execute Test Cases
  • Create and maintain Traceability between modules
  • Use and customize Reports and Graphs
  • Use and understand Version Control
  • Manage Site Administration :

– Manage Pegasie PStudio users, connections and licenses;
– Modify Pegasie PStudio configuration.

  • Manage Project Customization:

– Customize project entities and lists;
– Set up User Groups and permissions;
– Configure mail.

The Dashboard

1) Projects:

a. Projects you’re managing;
b. Projects your’re assigned to.

2) Tests:

a. Tests you must author;
b. Tests you must develop.

3) Campaigns sessions:

a. Campaign sessions you must execute.

4) Bugs:

a. Bugs you must fix;
b. Bugs you must verify/close.


The SUTs (System Under Tests)

5) Coverage Metrics:

a. By requirements;
b. By specifications;
c. By tests;
d. Coverage aggregation.

6) Quality Metrics


The Requirements

7) Coverage Metrics:

a. By requirements;
b. By specifications;
c. By tests.

8) Importing data From XML


The Specifications

9) Coverage Metrics:

a. By tests;
b. Coverage aggregation.

10) Importing data From XML


The Tests

11) Create a test

12) Create a testcase

13) Generate testcases from combination of parameters

14) Generate testcases from Direct edit

15) Generate testcases from parameters in excel

16) Run a test


The Tests Campaigns

17) Progress Metrics

a. Test cases executed;
b. Time spent;
c. Progress aggregation.

18) Quality Metrics

19) Delete a compaign session

20) Copy a campaign session

21) Merge campaign sessions

22) Generate residual tests campaign

23) Create report

The Defects

24) Statistics

a. Per-user reports;
b. Per-severity reports;
c. Per-priority reports;
d. Submission / Resolution rates.

25) Custom fields

a. Create custom field;
b. Edit custom field;
c. Delete custom field.

26) Create a report

27) Search bugs


The Projects

28) Create a project

29) Create a task

30) Create a sprint

31) Edit a sprint

32) Allocate some resources to a sprint

33) Associate some tasks to a sprint

34) Daily update progress of the tasks of a sprint

35) See the velocity charts/check the status of the sprint

36) Searching

a. By Name;
b. By Id;
c. By Advanced and plain text search

37) Generate Projects books


The Users

38) Create a company

39) Create a Hierarchy in the company

40) Create a team

41) Edit a user

42) Register a LDAP user

43) Create a profile

44) Submit a new absence

45) Edit an absence

46) Check the Calendars

47) Changing admin password

48) Localization

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