HP ALM (Quality Center) Software Testing Tools

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HP ALM testing tools provide a complete, web-based platform to orchestrate end-to-end testing and drive high quality application deployment.

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HP ALM Software (HP Quality Center) Testing Tools

Provides a complete, web-based platform to orchestrate end-to-end testing and drive high-quality application deployment.

Optimize Application Development Quality

hp alm software

Are you sure your applications will stand up to expectations when they go live? If your rollout fails, do you know what the business impact will be? If crisis hits, do you have a foundation in place to rapidly access the right quality documentation, analyze the problem and rapidly recover? You should.

Quality Center is one of HP testing tools that enables you to deploy high-quality applications quickly and effectively by providing a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues.

Pegasie Delivery Options

Looking for maximum value with added flexibility?

Pegasie offers a range of delivery options including HP Quality Center as a managed service.

Value Propositions

  • Supports the entire testing process with a single Web-based application.
  • Anytime, anywhere access for distributed users and maximum productivity.
  • Proprietary Pegasie HP ALM tools support automated test script migration.
  • Integrates with the widest range of third-party applications maximizing technology flexibility.
  • Accelerates test cycles by scheduling and running unattended tests 24/7.
  • Central data repository enables rapid access, review and analysis of quality and defects.
  • Allows teams to assess application readiness at any point in the testing process.
  • Lets users view real-time KPIs to instantly assess quality across all the pre-deployment projects.
  • Lets users use pre-built KPIs or build custom KPIs based on business logic.

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HP ALM Training / Quality Center Training


  • Understand the Test Management process within HP ALM software
  • Create and manage Releases and Cycles
  • Create and manage Test Requirements
  • Create and manage Test Cases
  • Execute Test Cases
  • Create and maintain Traceability between modules
  • Use and customize Reports and Graphs
  • Create and manage Libraries and Baselines
  • Use and understand Version Control
  • Manage Site Administration :
  • Manage Site Administration :

– Create and maintain domains and projects;
– Manage ALM users, connections and licenses;
– Modify ALM configuration.

– Customize project entities and lists;
– Set up User Groups and permissions;
– Configure mail;
– Set alert rules.

  • Manage Workflows customization.

Targeted Audience for HP QC Training

The Subject Matter Experts and Test Automation Specialists, who will administer, create, maintain and execute the test suites managed within ALM / QC.


  • Working knowledge of Windows
  • Basic understanding of the testing process


5 days

HP Quality Center Training Locations

Eastern Canada

  • Quebec
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto

Western Canada

  • Calgary

United States

  • New York
  • New Jersey

Other Locations

Content Overview

Day 1

1) Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

2) Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) overview

3) Introduction to basic and common features

4) Management Module

a. Define releases and cycles
b. Project planning & tracking (PPT)

5) Requirements Module

a. Define test requirements
b. Requirement Traceability
c. Introduction to risk management
d. Business models

Day 2

6) Testing Module – Test Plan

a. Define and build test plans
b. Define Test Parameterization
c. Define test plan configurations
d. Define test plan traceability
e. Export test plan via MS Excel

7) Testing Module – Test Lab

a. Define test plans into test sets
b. Define and schedule test plan execution
c. Configure automated test rerun
d. Record and track test plan execution results

Day 3

8) Build Verification

a. Build Verification Suites in ALM – Prerequisites
b. Create a build verification suite
c. Run the Suite
d. Reserve Testing Timeslots in ALM

9) Manage Test automation resources

10) Management Module

a. Define Libraries and Baselines

11) Defect Module

a. Defect management
b. Define defect traceability

12) Version Control

a. Check In and Check out
b. Compare versions

Day 4

13) Dashboard Module

a. Define Analysis items
b. Manage Analysis Menu items

14) Define Reports

a. Graphs
b. Project and Excel Reports
c. Release Analysis
d. Business View graphs and Excel reports
e. Predefined Project reports

15) Web Client

a. Using Web Client Overview
b. Define test requirements
c. How to use Manage or Author mode
d. Defect management
e. Define Views and Categories

16) HP Sprinter

a. HP Sprinter Overview
b. Define Application Configuration
c. Plan and Execute tests
d. Exploratory Tests
e. Report Defects
f. Inject data
g. Mirroring & Macros
h. Scanners
i. View Run Results

Day 5

17) Site Administration

a. Manage projects
b. Manage lab management
c. Site Management
d. Manage project planning and tracking

18) Project Customization

a. Project customization overview
b. Define Project customization
c. Manage business views
d. Workflow customization

19) Cross Project

a. Cross Project overview
b. Manage cross project customization
c. Manage cross project tracking
d. Manage ALM synchronizer
e. Share assets via import library
f. Manage cross project reporting
g. Share defects
h. Web Client Admin – Project Customization

20) Lab Management

1) HP Lab Management Overview

a. Client Side vs. Server Side Test Execution
b. Advantages of Server Side Execution

2) Manage Testing Hosts Phase

a. Using HP ALM Lab Services
b. Manage Testing Hosts

3) Manage Host Pools Phase
4) Manage Locations Phase
5) Reserve Timeslots Phase
6) How to Reserve Testing Timeslots in ALM…

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