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When it comes to testing and quality assurance, second-best technologies can have disastrous results. Effectively navigating, measuring, diagnosing and solving quality and performance challenges in complex technology environments takes some serious objectivity, expertise and horsepower. As one of the few consulting firms experienced with the top three testing solutions, Pegasie is uniquely positioned to help clients select the best testing technologies for their unique needs.

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From trial and error with competing technologies, Pegasie and its clients have learned why HP’s Quality Tools dominate the market for testing and quality assurance. With unmatched scalability and enterprise architecture, HP’s Quality suite is the solution of choice for centralizing and standardizing technology management. HP’s solutions work together across the application lifecycle to optimize the quality and performance of information technology.

The Pegasie Difference

Pegasie works with each client using your definition of business success to select the technologies and service delivery model that are right for you. We work with you to determine whether a full implementation, managed service, or software-as-a-service is right for your company’s long-term needs.
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To learn more about how Pegasie works with clients to select and deploy the right solution, send us a quick email and one of our solution professionals will contact you at your earliest convenience.

Pegasie PStudio:

PStudio is a web-based platform to orchestrate end-to-end testing and drive high quality application deployment.

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