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Case Study

    New website for Provincial election


    Provincial Elections Canada contacted us at Pegasie Technologies to help them with the challenges they were facing with their newly re-designed website. They wanted to ensure that their newly re-designed website would be able to meet support the needs to the constituents that were checking the election results.

    Provincial Elections Canada required experts in the Performance Testing domain to help them in the following areas;

  • Lack of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to execute Load Testing
  • Difficulty determining the cause of database locks or performance issues
  • Lack of knowledge to interpret performance metrics
  • A need to reduce problem resolution time due to short runway
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    Use Case – Solution provided

    After Pegasie Technologies assessed the level of knowledge with Performance Testing at Provincial Elections Canada, we proposed solutions in the following areas;

  • By creating Use Case scenarios / load tests to ensure that the website would be able to manage the anticipated volume of users visiting the website
  • Implement / Track performance metrics
  • Build a strong knowledgebase with the Subject Matter Experts in Load Testing and analyzing results
  • Execute and complete load tests in an efficient manner
    Pegasie Technologies optimized the use of HP LoadRunner to better capture;

  • Performance monitoring for SLA measurement
  • Troubleshooting of performance issues by collaborating with the broader Infrastructure Team
  • Accelerated the process of application performance by using VuGen capabilities
  • Use of Agent-less infrastructure monitoring
  • Producing comprehensive performance metrics

    Results Achieved

    The following key results were achieved at Provincial Elections Canada by partnering with Pegasie Technologies:

  • Improved the time-to-value
  • Increased the availability of applications
  • Decreased Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) wt database locking
  • Improved productivity and operational efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Built a strong Subject Matter expertise
  • Conducted knowledge transfers
  • Comprehensive load test reports with recommendations
  • Ability to interpret performance metrics from an infrastructure standpoint
  • Immediately realizing the value of having a Pegasie Consultant engaged
  • Improved the overall availability of business-critical applications and confidence level within the organization

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