• Discover relationships within your current test data,
  • Provide best coverage to release defect free application
  • Reduce testing effort & risk of codes changes
  • Eliminate Defects 10 times faster*
  • Increase performance of the entire SDLC process
  • Facilitate DevOps Adoption

CIA offers higher financial returns* over Test Automation for most Enterprise Applications

Transform & modernize applications more effectively & productively!

We provide Load Testing and Software Quality Assurance Services

Reach your goals by focusing on your core business transactions.

Pegasie delivers Application Quality and Performance Management

Test Automation

Test automation helps reduce testing cycle time, provides higher productivity, and drives greater predictability to help minimize time to market. As application landscapes become more complex the return on investment for automation becomes quite high and time saver and allows you to improve the quality of your applications.

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Agile Testing

Our agile testing services are focused on quality and customer needs. Our dedicated testing and quality assurance professionals have worked on a variety of agile projects and can offer skills in testing strategies, testing approaches, exploratory testing, non-functional testing and automation.

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Mobile Testing

Redefine your mobile experience and ensure that you create apps that delight users and keep them coming back. We can help you test all aspects of the mobile experience from functional to performance to context.

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5 Reasons for choosing Pegasie

  • Improve your application lifecycle management
  • Get a faster, predictable time-to-market
  • Increase the scalability of your application and softwares
  • Consistent tracking and visibility
  • Efficiency (costs/benefits)

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Our Services


Pegasie’s integration testing ensures that the system meets the requirements of the formal specification document and also any implied, or “common sense” requirements

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Some people prefer to be taken out of their day to day routine and have concepts presented to them that they can go back and apply in their own way. Some like to read theory, some to watch videos and others to simply be instructed how to solve particular problems. Mentoring is for those who like to learn by doing, those who get the most out of simultaneous presentation and application of skills and theories in an immediately relevant environment

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All courses, whether online or in-person, are taught by live instructors who are experts in the software quality field and who are certified by the testing tool vendor. To see the courses, select the vendor that you’re interested in, and all of the courses available will appear

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We partner with you to ensure your mission critical software assets and systems are stable, functioning properly, and delivering the level of quality expected by your customers and internal users. You can have the right people doing the right work at the right price

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*Productivity improvement ratios & Financial Returns may vary depending of customer’s maturity and nature of their application. Potential Gains for targeted application can be provided upon request.

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