Quality Assurance Project Management

There are many different dimensions of quality that applications must be validated against. Pegasie’s Quality Assurance Project Management professionals assist in enabling organizations to validate software fast, effectively, and within budget.

How Pegasie helps… ensuring that software delivers expectations.

The complexity in today’s software applications presents many challenges, particularly for the software testing team.

Pegasie’s Quality Assurance Project Management professionals
help in

  • Striking a balance is a delicate task between the need for rapid time-to-market and ensuring that quality software is released.
  • Making sure not to fall behind the pace of change is important, ensuring arrival to market with the latest functionalities.
  • Meeting the expected user experiences.

As software delivery evolves towards shorter release cycles, with a greater emphasis on today’s Agile and Lean processes,

  • Pegasie ensures a joint team effort, where collaboration is of utmost importance.
  • While Agile development brings testing closer to development teams. A key element in collaboration that Pegasie stresses is the linkage between requirements and testing.

    • An Example of this: The validation of a build is meaningless without the requirements it’s based upon. It’s vital that both requirements and test cases, which are linked, are always up-to-date and visible throughout the life-cycle. Only then, can testing be successful, cost-effective and without unwanted features and scope creep.
  • With a bridge between requirements and test management, even when the collaboration is fragmented, Pegasie can ensure that;

    • it realizes the project goals
    • validation was effective
    • it is measurable

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