IDEA: Pegasie’s Intelligent Data Entry Automation Solution

Manual data entry is a growing challenge for large corporations. Unchecked, it can lead to increased cost and business risk as data becomes increasingly incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent across the enterprise.

Pegasie’s IDEA solution offers enterprises a fully scalable way to automate data entry at very low cost and eliminates the risks of manual data entry without systems replacement or integration. The result: current, accurate enterprise data, real-time around the clock data updates and migration, dramatically lower operating costs.



  • Solution: Hire temporary staff to re-key same data into systems across sales and operations.
  • Impact: Higher management and task cost, repeated data entry errors, data entry quality errors, customer data privacy and security exposure due to temporary workforce.


  • Solution: Emulate manual data entry using automated scripts, replicating data across systems.
  • Impact: Dramatically lower cost of initial data replication across systems by 70%, with the addition of reusable scripts, and standardized routine provides high scalability, quality, and security vs. manual data entry.

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  • Improved cycle-time and flow-through delivery reduces core production costs.
  • Automated data entry significantly reduces temporary labor requirements.
  • Repeatable, reusable scripts permanently reduce data entry costs.
  • Larger investments in systems integration and data migration avoided.
  • Reduction in repeat orders and rework reduces average cycle-time.
  • Elimination of exceptions and escalations cuts down “long-tail” cycle-times.
  • First-time success rate in production and delivery increases speed to market.
  • Increased data consistency and completeness increases process stability and predictability.
  • Intelligent data entry automation allows for quick issue detection of data entry quality drivers and
  • implements irreversible corrective action.
  • Automated routines puts focus on intelligent scripting and supports growth in customer data entry load with significantly less than 1x additional labor.
  • Lower cycle-time and higher quality enable core processes to operate at higher productivity.
  • Fewer temporary workers, means lower exposure of confidential customer or enterprise data.
  • Solution enables increased control and assurance of data transfer accuracy between systems.



Improve performance of existing business

  • Reduce cost and headcount of maturing products.
  • Maximize productivity of remaining workforce.
  • Reduce production, delivery and response times.
  • Improve quality of service and customer care over time.

Support new growth.

  • Implement systems rapidly for new products, services.
  • Hold down cost as business volumes rise.
  • Add features and functionality as products develop.
  • Enable sales, customer care and other functions with
    new customer and product information.

Deliver enabling technology programs

  • Limited IT budgets owned by different CXOs.
  • Functionally scoped point applications and data.
  • “Need it yesterday” delivery timelines.
  • Integration as a separate “project”.


Disparate, inconsistent, incomplete data.

  • Data isolated in sales and other operations systems.
  • Partial data as each function enters only what it needs.
  • Changes in customer data captured at first contact only.

Lower cycle times, productivity and quality.

  • Longer cycle times due to data-driven mistakes and rekeying.
  • Reworked and repeated transactions due to unreliable, inconsistent
    data between functions across customer and product lifecycles.
  • Difficulty tracing accountability and correcting performance.
  • Single points of contact for customer using a tenth of systems.

Significantly higher operating cost.

  • Longer more laborious core production and delivery.
  • Increased volume of escalations and exceptions as quality fails.
  • Manual work-around routines to protect quality and meet commitments to customers and inter-departmental deadlines.
  • Overlay systems and solutions to check and counter data errors.
  • Significant investment in manual data entry across systems.

BOTTOM-LINE: Data entry costs multiply, undermining financial and strategic return on system investments.

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