Integration Services

Pegasie provides these services based on the clients needs.

    These services are not limited to the following but can include:

  • To meet requirements developed by a third party – helping to better manage and control these operations
  • IT Service Management
  • Architecture
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Testing Services
  • Risk Management
  • Best Practices and successful Management methods

    Some key benefits that Pegasie provides for Service Integration:

  • Accountability for the Integrated Services that are being delivered back to the business
  • Leading a pivotal role in coordinating all the Service Management processes
  • Coordinating Service Management processes and procedures to be deployed across the enterprise and ensure they are followed
  • Facilitating as the central point of contact and control between all teams
  • Obtaining additional resources “upon request”. Widening the portfolio of services and skills available to the clients’ needs
  • Increasing adaptability and speed of responsiveness to the business requirements
  • Improving the quality and drive down costs
  • Decreasing the time to market, with increased innovation and business alignment
  • Managing the resolution of incidents
  • Coordinating disaster recovery
  • Facilitating as the gatekeeper by enforcing change, security, testing and release processes

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