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What an SAP QA and Testing Manager said about us

Pegasie Technologies, through a contract with SAP, implemented HP ALM as part of our installation of SAP.

Pegasie resources provided a wide range of services to the QA group with the SAP implementation. Services like developing a Test Strategy, a Release Management Strategy and Defect Management Standards as well as Regression Test Plans.

Pegasie configured the following modules within our HP ALM Tool (Requirements Management, Test Management, Defect Management and Release Management).

Pegasie also created a series of Reports within HP ALM.


Developed the Automation Strategy which Included:

  • Planning
  • Naming Convention
  • Libraries
  • Functions
  • Components Approach
  • Test Cases Selection
  • Full Suite of Regression Testing used with both the new releases and the setup of the new SAP environments.

Pegasie provided daily technical support for HP ALM.

Pegasie also provided training on

  • HP ALM
  • HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)
  • HP Business Process Testing (BPT)

Key automation covered and provided by Pegasie:

  • Most of the T-Codes used in the department for AR, AP, AA, SD, PS, GL, PM and MM. These were also used to test security profiles.
  • 4 end-to-end Business Process Tests, which take 3-4 automated hours to run (it used to take 4 days with 12 people testing it manually).
  • Solid baseline of 300 Components.

Pegasie also upgraded us to HP ALM version 10.

HP ALM has been used for the past 4 years after Pegasie set it up.

This team was very professional and very knowledgeable about the product and what was involved in establishing Quality Assurance and building and maintaining the automated tests. In the early days of the SAP implementation the automated tests permitted daily releases of SAP because of the number of test that could be executed in a very short period of time. The HP ALM setup was such that it was easy to identify which test needed to be executed because test scripts were linked to requirements.

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