Performance Tuning Engagement

Performance Tuning conducted by Pegasie helps a project
at critical points within its lifecycle.

Because identifying and correcting, any performance related issues, is critical before the delivery of a project into production. It also reduces operational cost, due to software performance and configuration issues.

Performance issues contribute to:

  • Reduction of user productivity
  • Consumes extra system resources
  • Causes business interruptions.
  • These issues can occur at any stage in the project lifecycle, from the development phase all the way to being deployed into production.

Performance Tuning solves problems at any stage in the project lifecycle

Pegasie uses Performance Tuning to quickly and easily identify, and then mitigate the root causes of application performance inefficiencies. This Performance Tuning then continues throughout the lifecycle of the project to pro-actively pinpoint any other performance issues. Once these performance issues are corrected, it results in the reduction of system processing costs while improving service levels.

… Regardless of the methodology
being used.

  • From Waterfall to Agile

… Or regardless of the phase
the project is at.

  • In Development phase.
  • During performance testing, including failover testing.
  • As part of your deployments, including capacity planning, validating any infrastructure updates, upgrades and configuration changes.

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