Test Generator UI

Test Generator UI by Pegasie Technologies

Using all the experience gained over more than fifteen years in the market, Pegasie Technologies has developed a new and versatile keyword- and data-driven Test Automation Framework that can be used by testers, business analysts and developers to contribute to the test automation process of your company. This framework comes with a simple and intuitive graphical interface tool—Test Generator UI to help the users create, edit and search tests in a fast and effective manner. Every test is composed of commands, comments, and other test data. The commands can be specific for each company and generate all kinds of test data like dates, numbers and more dynamic test values, giving a head start to test automation processes.

Test Generator UI

Most of the functionalities of this Test Generator UI tool are located in a single window where the users can create and edit the tests. The tests can even be used as templates to avoid starting from scratch when creating new ones. The same window displays the list of all the available commands organized by category in a tree view. The commands can be added to tests along with their parameters using just a few clicks.

Some of the test commands can launch applications, generate dynamic dates, produce multiple test data and execute functions from the automation framework. In a typical test example of buying a plane ticket, the commands can help generate random dates with functions like “today + 2” instead of entering a fix date. They can also randomize the departure and arrival city; obtain the name of the traveler from a database, and many other functions specific to the business processes of each company. The UI also allows multiple updates at the same time, like when changing the connection settings for multiple login tests or making sure that an entire test suite will be pointing to a different test environment.

Instead of creating a large amount of or redundant automation scripts, this new tool creates tests that are stored in standard data formats like CSV and XLS. The tests can be imported from and also exported to life cycle management products like HP ALM and TFS, reducing the number of licences needed for these products and improving the ROI (Return on Investment) of your software development projects.

Contact Pegasie for an assessment of your company quality processes and a roadmap that will help you speed up the test automation projects and lower the implementation costs.


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