Software Quality Assurance Services

Sound quality assurance foundations and test strategies are essential requirements for any IT department.

    Pegasie helps companies improve productivity by addressing:

  • Quality Assurance Foundations;
  • Management Metrics;
  • Test Management & Strategies;
  • Requirements Management; and
  • Test Automation Frameworks.

Delivering quality software is more than a control practice; it is a business philosophy and a competitive advantage. Leading companies recognize that the notion of quality permeates every aspect of business performance. Outstanding quality requires discipline, knowledge and commitment. With offices in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, we at Pegasie Technologies are industry leaders in helping organizations create and sustain world-class quality methods and systems to control and dramatically improve performance.

Quality in technology performance is no different. The challenge is to align IT quality performance with your company’s business objectives and capabilities. What defines quality depends on your business goals, market expectations and your business’ unique processes and operating structure.

What makes quality work is how your organization understands, monitors and manages quality as part of day-to-day business at all levels of the company.

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Process, People and Product

We can review and improve your QA process and level of expertise according to best practices

Pegasie is a consulting firm specialized in helping companies improve quality of information technologies. Our experts help companies achieve outstanding performance by:

  1. Assessing their level of maturity in quality management.
  2. Identifying gaps with regulatory compliance and best practices.
  3. Prioritizing the most important areas of improvement based on your business priorities and challenges.
  4. Developing quality methods, standards, and metrics which are aligned with your business.
  5. Implementing solutions that take full advantage of the latest quality technologies to meet your business objectives.
  6. Replacing undefined manual practices with powerful quality tools.


We work together to systematically improve quality and raise the overall level of competency in quality management. Features and benefits of Pegasie’s quality engagements include:

  • Proven methodologies for assessing maturity of quality processes;
  • Industry best practices for diagnosing a broad range of quality challenges;
  • Specialized experts with the latest knowledge and skill sets. Pegasie consistently invests more than double the industry norm in training and certifying its quality professionals;
  • Standard templates and tools from leading technology providers that fit your business needs;
  • Rapid turnaround time to implement and achieve results, driving strong return on investment;
  • Proven measurable results over your existing baseline to meet your business goals;
  • Implementation of proven technologies, methodologies and approaches;
  • The speed, efficiency and quality that comes with over 20 years experience in quality solutions.

As a leading quality practitioner, Pegasie covers the full spectrum of quality assurance challenges in information technology. Our domain of expertise includes:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Quality and Testing Metrics
  • Test Strategies and Test Planning
  • Test Case Design
  • Tests Asset Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Release Management
  • Defect Management
  • Test Data Management
  • Organization Readiness
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