Test Automation Framework (Live Webinar included)

Test Automation Framework (Live Webinar included)

Using all the experience gained over more than fifteen years in the market, Pegasie Technologies has developed a new and versatile keyword- and data-driven test automation framework that can be used by testers, business analysts and developers to contribute to the test automation process of your company.

Test Automation
Instead of creating a large amount of or redundant automation scripts, this new tool creates test scenarios that are stored in standard data formats like CSV and XLS. Later on, these test scenarios can be exported to life cycle management products like HP ALM and TFS, reducing the number of licences needed for these products.

In order to work with different technologies, there exist different versions of this automation framework. The UFT version integrates very easily with HP ALM and the execution of test cases is up to 40% faster than with component-based frameworks. The Java version framework supports Selenium, and the .Net version can be integrated with TFS. The framework keywords can be customized to each customer to match its business processes and handle many scenarios with different business rules.

This keyword data-driven framework is created to not only reduce the number of test scripts but also the dependency on technical resources. For this, it uses a very simple and intuitive graphical interface to create, edit and filter test configurations that can be associated to different business scenarios.

A better solution to these common problems can be found using this new light and scalable framework. It can help companies reduce the complexity of their test automation processes, increase defect detection, speed up their application delivery and improve their return on investment.

Contact Pegasie for an assessment of your company quality processes and a roadmap that will help you speed up the test automation projects and lower the implementation costs.


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