Test Automation Framework Benchmark

Test Automation Framework Benchmark

The amount of scripting is highly reduced by using many common functions, using test datasheets and taking advantage of the HP ALM test configuration functionality. The execution performance is another of the strengths found in this framework. In many comparisons run under the same conditions against popular test automation products like business components known as BPT, it has been proven that the Pegasie Keyword Data-Driven Framework is up to 40% faster at executing automated tests.

This automation framework not only gives a head start to test automation processes, but also improves code maintainability and reusability. It contains a lot of functionalities like error handling, test recovery, tests execution and reporting.

Instead of creating a large amount of or redundant automation scripts, this new tool can help companies reduce the complexity of their test automation processes, increase defect detection, speed up their application delivery and improve their return of investment.

For more than 15 years, Pegasie Technologies has been an HP partner company that has been helping its clients improve their quality in their software development projects. During all this time, Pegasie has been helping companies with their test automation projects using tools like HP ALM, HP QTP and the latest versions of HP UFT. With all this experience, Pegasie Technology has created a new and versatile keyword- and data-driven framework that can help companies speed up their test automation processes.

Contact Pegasie for an assessment of your company quality processes and a roadmap that will help you speed up the test automation projects and lower the implementation costs.


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