Canadian IT OnShore Services

Why OnShore Services?

Software development projects are usually complex and very expensive. Most of their costs are related to large amounts of rework and maintenance caused by many factors like the failure to detect errors early and meet user requirements adequately.

Many customers have expressed several obstacles to working with outsourcing resources overseas and obtaining real benefits in return. Some recurring problems are the differences in time zones, the delays in obtaining basic answers, training their counterparts, issues to connect remotely to the private networks of companies and cultural differences.

It is well known that approximately 70% of rework in software development projects is attributed to implementation errors and requirements not being met. It’s also proven that adding more people and resources to a project doesn’t necessarily improve its performance, especially when working with remote outsourcing teams.

In order to present a solution to the above-stated problems, Pegasie started to offer OnShore Services focused on quality management and performance testing. By working with a close and easily accessible company, the quality of the communication and understanding of customer needs increases dramatically.

Along with its many services, Pegasie also offers different toolkits that can help ramp up the test automation processes of the companies. Some of these tools include an SAP accelerator and different test automation frameworks.

By working with Pegasie, companies can receive support from expert HP representatives and obtain benefits like savings on Canadian taxes, which can be passed to the customers.

Contact Pegasie for an assessment of your company quality processes and a roadmap that will help you speed up the test automation projects and lower the implementation costs.


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