Change Impact Analysis
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  • Identify Test Data Inconsistencies
  • Visualize application assets traceability
  • Provide "What If" Scenarios Analysis
  • Select Optimal Scope & Calculate Planning in Real Time
  • Generate Test Cases Automatically
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Demystify Large & Complex Applications
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Save up to 90% of testing effort while improving coverage!
Why You Need to Establish Target Based Testing:
Empower decision makers with strategic quality planning capabilities
- Analyze multiple projects scope with "What-if scenario"
- Explore different development scope with QA in mind
Harmonize development cycles with testing capacity
- Identify efforts for each release candidate
- Review/modify regression strategy on demand
- Provide feedback on Quality during early stages of development
Reduce Test Scope by up to 50%
- Understanding dependencies between assets allows you to know exactly what need to be tested
- No more wasted effort; only test what matters to your specific release

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How Micro Focus CIA Works:
Change Impact Analysis integrated with Micro Focus ALM
Micro Focus CIA provides a global graphical view of your applications features dependencies by leveraging Micro Focus ALM. Decision makers now have access to a strategic tool which provides the ability to understand the impact of changes at glance. Development and QA now have the tool to align their capacity, manage risks and accelerate their product deliveries.

Micro Focus CIA uses current Micro Focus ALM test assets from a Risk based testing to develop a Target Based Testing (TBT) approach, one which provides a precise coverage to be executed, but also helps aligning development and testing efforts.
The most dependable way to optimize scheduling is to understand underlying dependencies between applications features and any other assets the customer might have. This is a complex task which requires extensive knowledge sharing, focus groups and a level of accuracy too often based on estimation.

Micro Focus CIA allows ALM assets to be leveraged, so a macro view of these dependencies is made available in order to understand the global picture. The impacts of change for each critical business can now be viewed through dynamic and intuitive graphical representation. Managing product releases have never been easier and more reliable.
Application Features Dependencies
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Leveling Release Cycles
Pegasie's Change Impact Analysis provides:
Test Coverage Optimization
Smart Project Scope Adjustment
What If Scenario Analysis
MultiLayer Capabilities
Data Consolidation
Leverage customer's current assets in Micro Focus ALM
Precise Planning Capabilities
Tests Sets Creation on demand
Change Impact Analysis
Make the best of your historical data… Stop executing so many test cases!
14 Day Free Trial
Your free trial gives you full access to ALM CIA and shows you how it can achieve Benefits such as:

- Smart Project Scope
- What If Scenario on the fly
- Identification of Trouble Assets
- Test Planning, Execution & Monitoring
- Development Features & Tasks
- Macro Management

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